Monday, July 30, 2012

weekend grats

  • Spending time with great friends we only see once a year (Hi Vanessa, Luc & Mimi!). 
  • Watching Sonia learn to dive underwater in 3+ foot pool. Because she saw a third-grade boy doing it.
  • Getting to be "Sanjee's wife" at a work dinner. 
  • Being reminded by a mother of grown children that one day I will look back on this time of work + kids and wonder how I did it. 
  • Window shopping in two of my favorite stores (Container Store + West Elm). 
  • Teaching Sonia about window shopping, and thinking/saving for purchases. 
  • Sonia's love of art. 
  • Five Guys. 
  • Sunday nap with the littlest lady. 
  • Mindfulness. 
  • Clean clothes, folded throughout the day by my lovely husband. 
  • Finishing one of four books I've been reading simultaneously. 
  • Evening walk with the baby on my back to get milk. 
  • This beautiful urban oasis we live in. 
  • Enjoying the moment. 
  • Always thinking of the future. 
  • A "wish list" full of books on Amazon. 
  • Flipping Sonia's bunk/semi-loft bed so she now sleeps in a "cave." 
  • Countdown to a big birthday (five!).

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