Thursday, July 19, 2012


Things making me happy at the moment (in no particular order): 
  • A warm belly from the spicy Vietnamese curry burrito I ate for lunch. From a food truck. With my husband who never takes a lunch break.
  • The fact that Maren introduced Sonia to Patsy Cline the other day. Nothing like an almost five year-old singing: I stop to see a weeping willow / Crying on his pillow / Maybe he's crying for me
  • The red dress I’m wearing, that I fell in love with last fall, but couldn’t afford. Until the next week I happened back to the same store to find the magical dress had been reduced by 50% and was an additional 30% off sale price. Score!
  • My vintage gold belt I purchased at an estate sale a couple years back that adds a little extra flair to the bright red dress.
  • The dinner of tomato, basil and mozzarella we will eat tonight. Vegetables straight from the farmers market.
  • Being on top of my work game as of late, and being recognized for my efforts.
  • Scheming up future plans.
  • The house was cleaned this morning. And not by me.
  • The always sweet Ms. Mila May.
  • Sonia’s love of America’s Got Talent.
  • Season 10 of Project Runway starts tonight!
  • Tapes ‘N Tapes radio on Pandora
  • Two inspirational houses featured recently on Apartment Therapy.
Dream living. Source. 

Dream dining. Source. 
Dream sleep. Source

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Mama & Papa Riedel said...

I think this requires a picture of you - in the red dress - with the gold belt. Just sayin'...