Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Quick business trip to D.C. Damn I love that city. Can't wait to bring the girls back. Sonia is convinced she's going to meet Bo.

A quick story about Sonia and Bo - we were walking quickly down Grand Avenue in Saint Paul, rushing to buy a last-minute Christmas gift (it was Christmas Eve). We walk past a dog, and Sonia says, "Mom, that is Obama's dog." I was in a rush, was not paying much attention, and probably said, "oh, great," feigning interest. The man walking in front of me turns around, having overheard us. He looks right at me and says, "She's right, you know. That is a Portuguese Water Dog." If Sonia doesn't become a Vet, I will truly be surprised. She has a passion for dogs.

Pretty bold move trying that name by memory.

Official White House Portrait: Bo Obama

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VLS said...

Super smart Soso.