Tuesday, January 3, 2012

month eight


Happy eight-month birthday, little lady! As Sonia would say, “it’s her birthday, agaaaaiiin?!” Turns out I missed your seven-month letter, which is telling in-and-of itself. It was a busy month. But you—you are still awesome. Always awesome. Like, truly awesome. Even when our world is busy, we are always blessed with your out-of-this-world smile. You are the cheeriest human I have ever known. And so darn cute. And smart, strong, loving, cuddly, etc.

There is one person who you don’t like and his name starts with “S” and ends in “anta.” You were so not having Santa. You took one look at that jolly old fat man with facial hair and you were not happy. Oh, no. Not happy, indeed. During dinner, I asked you why you didn’t like Santa, and your sister followed-up with, “Yah Mila, why are you Jewish?” A very good question to ponder.

If there is one thing in this world you are passionate about it is food. You love food. As soon as you hear movement in the kitchen – spoons, dishes, wrappers, etc. you are all over it. You have this pathetic little whine/scream that you’ll use to alert everyone that you are, indeed, interested in eating whatever it is they are eating. Truly, whatever they are eating. Spicy Moroccan shrimp? No problem. Turkey burger? Eggs, potato, veggie, fruit, etc?! Everything! No worries that you don’t have a single tooth. Not a one. I am certain that one of these days we’ll notice 4-6 teeth popping out all at once. Because, they have to be in there.

And maybe once you get a tooth (or teeth), you’ll sleep? Maybe?! There is no point in even talking about sleep. Certainly no point in complaining about it. I am WAY too soft to make you cry, and you are taking full advantage of my softness. You are stretching it to the limit. So together we sleep, right up next to each other in a big bed. And together we nurse…five, ten, one million times a night? There are points in the night when I lie there, fully awake, in pain, and unable to roll over. Because if I do, you will immediately wake. So – I’m left with two decisions (and contemplating them in the wee hours of the morning), do I roll over and wake the baby or stay put and try to sleep through the discomfort?! What a conundrum.

You’ve been pulling yourself up for some time now and in the past week you’ve begun letting go while standing. So there you are, just standing there, sometimes leaning over to pick something up, just minding your own business, until you realize what you are doing and quickly sit down. What does this mean? Will you be walking soon? Are you determined to beat your sister’s record?


Eating (everything)
Your sister
Anything in a box

Diaper changes
GOP party

Happy 2/3-of-a-year birthday, my love.


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