Saturday, January 21, 2012


Autie Kel returned from a working trip to China. She brought with her an adorable kimono for our little kimonobaby. As soon as Sonia saw Mila wearing her "China Princess" outfit, she wanted to model her own. So to her closet she went, where she unearthed the beautiful kimono sent to her from her Tita Nene (hi!) in Japan when she was just a little tyke. Off to the wonderfully Scandinavian Ikea we went - our little foursome, complete with our "China Princess" and "Japan Princess," as Sonia dubbed them. God bless globalization. And then Mila ate an entire serving of mac and cheese. The end.


VLS said...

That story is amazing from start to end.

jess weliwitigoda said...

Thanks, VLS!