Tuesday, January 31, 2012

morning commute

This neighborhood reminds me of the Cosby's Brooklyn, minus the NYC, of course.

Saturday, January 28, 2012


Sonia started ballet at Minnesota Dance Theatre. She's been practicing for months in preparation for class to begin. We visited a special dance shop in Saint Paul to purchase real ballet slippers, leotard and tights. What a big girl.

Friday, January 27, 2012


And some days I'm too tired to do anything other than think about...shoes. I wear the same two pair of shoes over and over again, ordered from my good friends at habitat shoes. I bought them two years ago and literally rotate between the two - both Seychelle and both in the same juicy-brown-honey tone - one a heel and the other a boot. I love them both, but they are on their third Minnesota winter and starting to look a little less hot. So I did something extremely uncharacteristic - I ordered new shoes on a whim. They were on sale (plus an additional 20% off), and they struck me as essential. So I ordered them. I can't wait.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

on moving, and life

In what seems like complete opposition to what I wrote as my 2012 intention – to slow down and be centered – we decided to move, on a whim. It wasn’t really just a whim, I suppose. It was intentional. It will lead to more slowness and centeredness in the future. Packing up four years worth of stuff is not something I recommend pulling off in a week’s time. But, you know how we role – insane. That said, we moved! From Downtown to Uptown (Kenwood). We are in a neighborhood we love, in a building built in 1910. Without judgment, it is everything that our old home was not. It is roughly 100 years older than our old (new) condo, which means rich, dark woodwork, a fireplace, a formal dining room, and a claw foot tub. It also means we gave up our (beloved) heated parking, ridiculously large walk-in closet, and new plumbing (ahem). More than anything, our new place represents a new start for us. We had grown a bit stagnant in our old space. For someone who loves to move (in theory), loves adventure, loves decorating and redecorating, and is eager to make a bigger move, this will help keep me content a bit longer.

It’s been so fun to move furniture into our new home. Hang curtains and decorate the girls room (with a bunk bed for Sonia that we are quickly regretting, given the child won’t sleep alone, but more on that another time), pack and unpack all of our worldly possessions (again, in theory much more than practice).

We’ve learned a few things during the move. First, “home” is truly where your family is. That first night in our new place, Sanj and I lying in bed (on the floor, no less), listening to the unfamiliar cricks and creaks of our new place, wondering just what we’ve gotten ourselves into and feeling nervous. And then the baby cries, and we bring her into bed. And then Sonia calls out and we get her and bring her into bed. And there we lie. The four of us in our old bed, in our new house, and we are home.

Second, because I’m constantly de-cluttering, I like to think of myself as someone who doesn’t have a lot of stuff. Not anymore. A text message to Sanj during the move: “Shame on me for thinking for even one second that I am a minimalist. We are just really good at hiding things.” And so, a new adventure in de-cluttering begins….

Most of all, moving has reinvigorated us. We’re falling in love with new neighborhood coffee shops, grocery stores, and routines. In the mornings, well after Sanj has left for work, I pack up the girls, get Mila in the stroller and off we walk. One and a half blocks to Sonia’s preschool for 8 a.m. start, and then back to the car to drop Mila (which will be via bus once I get my act together).

The next few weeks will include new additions to our routine – like early morning yoga in the sunroom and runs around Isles. Less insanity, and more centered. 2012. You are going to be good.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

happy birthday to the mister

Happy birthday to this guy - the mister behind kimonobaby. He works hard for us - putting in long hours at the office only to come home and jump right into family life. He's the best husband a gal could find (lucky me!) and a great father, son, brother, friend, etc.

Thanks for being the calm to my crazy. xoxo

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Saturday, January 21, 2012


Autie Kel returned from a working trip to China. She brought with her an adorable kimono for our little kimonobaby. As soon as Sonia saw Mila wearing her "China Princess" outfit, she wanted to model her own. So to her closet she went, where she unearthed the beautiful kimono sent to her from her Tita Nene (hi!) in Japan when she was just a little tyke. Off to the wonderfully Scandinavian Ikea we went - our little foursome, complete with our "China Princess" and "Japan Princess," as Sonia dubbed them. God bless globalization. And then Mila ate an entire serving of mac and cheese. The end.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

month eight


Happy eight-month birthday, little lady! As Sonia would say, “it’s her birthday, agaaaaiiin?!” Turns out I missed your seven-month letter, which is telling in-and-of itself. It was a busy month. But you—you are still awesome. Always awesome. Like, truly awesome. Even when our world is busy, we are always blessed with your out-of-this-world smile. You are the cheeriest human I have ever known. And so darn cute. And smart, strong, loving, cuddly, etc.

There is one person who you don’t like and his name starts with “S” and ends in “anta.” You were so not having Santa. You took one look at that jolly old fat man with facial hair and you were not happy. Oh, no. Not happy, indeed. During dinner, I asked you why you didn’t like Santa, and your sister followed-up with, “Yah Mila, why are you Jewish?” A very good question to ponder.

If there is one thing in this world you are passionate about it is food. You love food. As soon as you hear movement in the kitchen – spoons, dishes, wrappers, etc. you are all over it. You have this pathetic little whine/scream that you’ll use to alert everyone that you are, indeed, interested in eating whatever it is they are eating. Truly, whatever they are eating. Spicy Moroccan shrimp? No problem. Turkey burger? Eggs, potato, veggie, fruit, etc?! Everything! No worries that you don’t have a single tooth. Not a one. I am certain that one of these days we’ll notice 4-6 teeth popping out all at once. Because, they have to be in there.

And maybe once you get a tooth (or teeth), you’ll sleep? Maybe?! There is no point in even talking about sleep. Certainly no point in complaining about it. I am WAY too soft to make you cry, and you are taking full advantage of my softness. You are stretching it to the limit. So together we sleep, right up next to each other in a big bed. And together we nurse…five, ten, one million times a night? There are points in the night when I lie there, fully awake, in pain, and unable to roll over. Because if I do, you will immediately wake. So – I’m left with two decisions (and contemplating them in the wee hours of the morning), do I roll over and wake the baby or stay put and try to sleep through the discomfort?! What a conundrum.

You’ve been pulling yourself up for some time now and in the past week you’ve begun letting go while standing. So there you are, just standing there, sometimes leaning over to pick something up, just minding your own business, until you realize what you are doing and quickly sit down. What does this mean? Will you be walking soon? Are you determined to beat your sister’s record?


Eating (everything)
Your sister
Anything in a box

Diaper changes
GOP party

Happy 2/3-of-a-year birthday, my love.


Sunday, January 1, 2012

Onward 2012

Truth be told, 2011 was a rollercoaster that I am happy to exit. We were blessed with Mila’s birth, Sanj’s graduation from law school and our dream job offer. We have had our health, wonderful family and great friends. For that, we could not be more thankful. But, it’s been a trying year as well. It’s felt transitional and chaotic. So we’re hitting the restart button. We’re going to get simple. We’re going to purge and reinvent. I’m not making any resolutions for the year, but I’m conjuring up words to inspire me and keep me focused.

Homemade meals. Music. Candles. Running. Greenery. Bike rides. Walks. Photos. Design. Thrift. Travel. Art.

To 2012. To being centered.