Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"admit my exist"

Another fabulous Wednesday - we got caught in a downpour leaving preschool and rather than get upset about it, we embraced it. Getting stuck in pouring rain is actually pretty fun - especially with two laughing kids (Rowan was with us) and a safe (and relatively dry) baby.

Sonia got three packages of new clothes in the mail. She immediately took to the purple corduroy skinny jeans and the oversize sparkle top. God, I love that girl. She's cool as a cucumber.

Sonia's been trying out a lot of new words and phrases as of late. Last night, in the car, she tried out a few. One included an expletive. After we told her not to ever use that foul language, she told us, "okay, okay, admit my exist," as if to get us off her back. Sounded pretty profound, and we couldn't help but use it throughout the evening.

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