Saturday, September 24, 2011

Saturday, September 24 - instagram.

Playing in bed

Ordering donuts at the farmers market.

Stay Sassy Minneapolis.

Face painting at the HCMC midwife 40 year anniversary party.

I was BORN here!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

twenty weeks

Spring 2012

Now look at that - J.Crew just went into my jumbled mess of a sleep-deprived head, added some pops of color and created their Spring 2012 line. If that isn't motivation to lose the last of this baby weight, I don't know what is....

p.s. I love you, j.crew. you never cease to amaze me. xoxo


Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday morning commmute | Mill District, Minneapolis

We make the journey to Lola and Grandpa's place by foot, because we are urban like that. We typically run 15 minutes late, because we are tardy like that. Here we are on our morning trek:

Fellow commuter


Overstuffed commuter vehicle

Completely innappropriate commuter apparel

Friday, September 16, 2011

fridays are for lovers

Sonia had her four-year check-up, so we got to end the work week a few hours early. All is good on the health front. She's still charting the same as she has since birth - petit, advanced, and smart-alecky. When taking the eye test, she wouldn't call the square by it's name, but instead referred to it as a "frame," because "square" would be, like way too unoriginal. 

To celebrate, we headed to the Twins game for dinner - obviously not for the game, because, hello, the Twins are completely ohhh-vaah. It was a cold night, but Sonia insisted on an ice cream sundae because I told her they came in a helmet bowl. 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wednesday fashionista

Unfortunately, I don't have time to take a photo of her outfit everyday, so Wednesdays will have to suffice. She represented pretty well today - chunky necklace, Minnetonka Moccasin ankle boots, American Apparel skirt, kitty tee, side ponytail and three bedazzled clips. Boo-to-the-yah. 

juicy sleeping baby - cute from every angle

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Turns out, 30 is much like 29 - fantastic!

More on that Thirty before 30 list later...

29 years

30 years (but with nicer jewelry - thanks, Mumsie!)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

because Wednesdays are the new Saturday

Not working on Wednesdays is like, the best thing ever. Wednesdays are now my favorite day of the week. By Tuesday afternoon I have the Friday-afternoon high. And then I have it again on Friday. Yahoo!

Wednesdays now equal three hours of alone time with Mila, which is just fabulous. Sonia is in preschool so Mila and I get to hang out and enjoy one another's company. We walk Isles (and nurse on a dock, in the middle of the city. God bless this beautiful mini-city), run errands and just chill. Today we met Mumsie for some shopping, picked up Sonia from preschool and went to Yum! for lunch. It couldn't get any better than that. Amen. 


Urban refuge

thumb sucker

late summer beautiful


she can't not pose

um, Yum!

"me eat too?"

no words

first day of preschool

What a change from last year. She's in the classroom with all the kids preparing for Kindergarten next year so she's among the youngest. As the kids entered the classroom they had to sign-in by writing their name on a paper. I was hanging out while Sonia waited in line and she waved me away. "You can go now, Mom." Okay...

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Saturday, September 3, 2011

month four

Miss Mila-May,

You are four months old, and the happiest baby I've ever know. I think I gave birth to the next Dalai Lama. Seriously. You smile when you are happy, tired, angry and hungry. You can't not smile. Even when you cry because we've left you alone too long, or we are in the car (which you still hate) there is an apologetic undertone to your whimper, as if you are saying, "I really hate to inconvenience you because I know all you do for me, but I'd prefer to be held right now...I mean, when you have a moment, could you please pick me up?!" Your sister is 100% east coast. Sonia will make a perfect New Yorker - all busy and tough. But you, my sweet, sweet, Mila - you are a west coast girl all the way. You'll be surfing the Pacific all hang-loose and whatnot, enjoying life with the wind blowing through your hair. I can see it perfectly.

You are teething, teething, teething. We can see the bottom two teeth making their way up, but it feels like it's taking forever. Poor, smiling, drooly, rolling Mila-May.

We love, love, love you,