Wednesday, August 3, 2011

month three

Mila Adela,

Happy three month birthday! Today is Sonia's fourth birthday and she made you both paper birthday crowns. Red for her and blue for you. Speaking of your sister, yesterday she was trying to hold you and was jostling you around and from what I understand you yelled/hissed very aggressively at her. It was the first thing your sister told me when I came home from work. Yay, Mila!

In the past month you have grown from a newborn to an infant. As Grandpa Pop Pop said, you turned the corner. You are much more awake, you smile and are developing a bit of a chuckle. You can roll in both directions, scoot around in the walker, and gnaw on your hand as if you are teething. You love routine! After having Sonia, I could never understand how some parents developed routines. But then you came along and etched out a routine despite the loud insanity that is our home life. Sometimes you are even calm in the car now. Bananas!

In the past month you've started to suck your thumb and/or fingers. It's not quite clear to us whether this is something that will continue to soothe you in the long term, or something to simply pacify your sore teething gums.

On Monday, I returned to work four days a week. The anticipation was much worse than actually being away. We're falling into a groove of pumping and bottling. It's hard to leave you in the morning, but I know you are well taken care of by your Lola in my absence. And coming home to your sweet face each night is such a blessing. Wednesdays I'm home with my ladies, right where I belong.


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