Friday, July 29, 2011

a tribute to The Debut

Last night we attended our last performance of The Debut. The boys have grown into men and are moving away, building careers, and otherwise becoming adults. My ears are tingling and I'm feeling quite reminiscent. It was very bittersweet to watch them rocking on stage last night. This marks the end of an era.

When we moved to Minneapolis in 2005 we quickly became proper groupies. We were at all of the shows, brought along other friends, bought the albums and tee-shirts, and drank as much as possible, doing our part to make it profitable for the band. Before Sonia was born, The Debut was the exclamation point to our weeks. Life was good. We had a lot of fun - happy hours, late nights, shows. We met other bands and were, for a very short amount of time, part of the Minneapolis music scene. There were many nights spent standing outside The Hex, Turf Club and the infamous night at the Steak Knife. It was a whole lot of fun. Cheap beer, great music, and good friends.

When we were planning our wedding we managed to convince the band to play at our reception. They played our first dance song - Purple Rain - which was totally their suggestion, and totally awesome. We will go down in history as the only wedding The Debut ever played.

I remember standing at shows hugely pregnant with Sonia the summer she was born. We took Sonia to see The Debut play at Grand Old Days when she was a babe. Last summer, I was at a Debut show, when Stell asked me why I was drinking cranberry juice. Nine months later, Mila was born.

Watching the show last night made me feel old. Like, really old. It's one thing for me to be married, with not one, but two children. To be almost 30. But, The Debut is done? We really are old.

The music was great, the company was fabulous. The only thing missing was Vanessa and Luc, but they were there in spirit. Also missing was Tyler, of course, who was home with another sleeping babe.

Goodnight, Debut. We love you guys. We look forward to whatever lies ahead.

p.s. For those of you in town on August 13, you should check out the final show. They will be playing at the Nomad.

p.p.s. Sonia totally busted us last night. She was still awake when we snuck in at 1 a.m. She was angry we were out so late. I felt like a teenager being caught by my parents sneaking in after curfew.
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groupies - all grown up

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