Sunday, July 3, 2011

month two


You are two months old and have begun to come out of your shell. You learned to smile a sly, overly dramatic smile a couple weeks ago. For the first week or so your smile was fleeting. I would lay you on your credenza for a diaper change and you would give me a huge grin. I'd shout for Sonia or Papa to come see, but by the time they arrived you would passively stare at them, looking confused as to why they were there. So for a few days, we shared that smile like a secret between us, one of hundreds we'll share in the future. Lately you've become much more forthright with your smile, willing to display it openly. As a result, your papa is falling head over heels in love.

While I can't say you have a routine yet, you certainly have strong rhythm to your day. You sleep, wake, nurse, play/interact for 20-30 min. and then fuss to go into the Ergo or to be swaddled and bounced to sleep. You spend more time in the Ergo than I ever could have imagined. You squawk a bit when I put you in but you settle quickly. You like to be close to mama. Sometimes I'll look down at you while I'm tending to your sister and you will be quietly staring at me, sometimes silently moving your mouth as if you are mimicking my speech patterns, with your fists clenched tightly at my chest. God, how I wish I could bottle these moments. I wish I could bottle this whole summer. Spending this time with you and your sister has been magical. We've had very few plans, and each day is full of potential. Walks to the park, play dates, swims, hanging out and watching TV. We rarely have an agenda, and what ever happens happens.

Last week we made your first trek up to the cabin. The three hour drive was less painful than I anticipated. Luckily, Grandma Mumsie was driving as it was an all hands on deck ride. You detest your carseat for the most part, but after an hour of fussing, crying, nursing, et cetera, you finally quieted down and mostly slept for the better part of two hours. I practiced my nursing-while-keeping-both-baby-and-mama-carefully-buckled-in-the-seat routine, which is a circus performance I perfected when Sonia was small. As it turns out, neither of my girls like riding in carseats, or strollers, or sitting in bouncy chairs. You prefer a bounce to a rock, and a loud shhhuushhh to help you quiet. In other words, you like action, just like your mother, I suppose.

We're still gluten-free and mostly sugar and corn-free as well. It's going well. You sleep well, but I don't like to spend time writing about that, because if there is one thing I learned with your sister it's that as soon as I start to talk about what a great sleeper you are, you up and switch on me. So I'll remain mum on the sleep topic. But the gluten-free seems to be working it's magic. And sometimes it doesn't. And that is okay too.

One thing I do want to tell you is how darn cute you are in the morning when we remove your restrains (friendly swaddle blanket). You stretch your arms above your head and arch your back. You look part groggy teenager, part baby bird. You smile and look so proud of yourself for getting to live another day. If we could all remain so in-the-moment life would be a more joyful journey. I never want to stop waking up to a baby in my bed. I can't imagine anything more blissful.


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