Tuesday, July 26, 2011

finding balance

"I worked full-time for eight years and I'm pretty sure every single day during every single one of those eight years I'd have the thought "Am I doing the right thing here?" after kissing my daughters goodbye in the morning. I was so envious of other mothers who seemed to have such conviction in their choices--whether it was staying home or working in an office or something in the middle. I was never that mother. I always went back and forth and questioned my decision to work full-time."
Jenny Rosenstrach, food blogger, Dinner: A Love Story, on balancing. Via A Cup of Jo
With six days of maternity leave remaining, this sums up how I feel.  I want so badly to feel that I'm doing the right thing. I want to be certain it is for the best. I know I would regret leaving a position that I've fought hard for, but the thought of siting in an office, pumping, schlepping, faking it...

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