Wednesday, July 27, 2011

books, blogs and shoes

I used to read books. Many books. I spent hours wandering aimlessly through bookstores. I loved the smells and colors. I loved the quiet. I loved buying books, finding the perfect place on the bookshelf, loaning books out to friends and was always looking for recommendations. I spent hundreds of dollars buying books and hundreds more shipping them across the country (and the Atlantic!), as I moved back-and-forth to-and-from the east coast and Spain. Then one day, about two years ago, I decided it was all too much. I had too many books to take care of. Books that I didn't even necessarily love. And what is the point of keeping things just to keep them? I went through my books and made myself get rid of some. Many. I have gotten rid of bags and bags and bags of books over the past two years. My book collection is now contained within one relatively small bookshelf in the living room (two books deep) and my bedside table. Books are taken from the library or borrowed (and quickly returned) from family or friend.

To fill my thirst for reading, I mostly follow blogs. With small children in the house, my reading time is segmented into 5-20 minute intervals as I ride the bus, bathe a child, nurse a babe, et cetera. I also am an extremely nosy person, so blogs open the door for me to peek in upon the lives of others. I love to look around the homes of people. I love to look at their bookshelves, furniture, photos, and of course wardrobes, if ever given the opportunity. Off topic - how often do you notice people's shoes? If you aren't checking them out already, you should be. Not out of vanity, but pure curiosity. Shoes, books and blogs are, in my mind, the best way to really get to know a person.

I follow a number of blogs. I've become a bit of  a connoisseur and I'm quite picky about what I'll read. My blogroll includes a mix of art, design, travel, DIY, fashion, photography and children. People always ask me what blogs I read and I'm usually a bit timid about sharing, for fear that people will realize how unoriginal I am. But, there are so many great blogs out there that I figure it's only fair that I share. I've linked some of my favorite blogs in the sidebar. I'll rotate my list periodically. Enjoy!

What blogs do you love? Please leave a comment with your favorite blogs.


Jess said...

These are my faves:
(she has a great eye for design and an adorable little girl)
(mama who had a long long road to get prego with a now 1 yr old)
(hilarious mama/anesthesiologist who discusses all)
(hilarious gal in CA)

VLS said...

Here's a sampling of my blogroll (with commentary, of course):
°Black*Eiffel - especially for the Music Monday posts
°The Sartorialist
°The Studio Blog - just pretty
°Apartment Therapy - for its hours of distraction
°ish and chi - a bit meh except for Fashionably Late Friday posts
°Solid Frog
°Thoroughly Modern Medusa - because she's crazy
°Rockstar Diaries - they are beautiful, and their Mormon ways fascinate me; I'm actually obsessed with this one
°A Cup of Jo - I enjoy her weekend links
°Ask The Duplex - super bad, but I think they are Mormons too, so, fascinating
°Cupcakes & Cashmere - super guilty pleasure because I actually can't stand this girl, but lord can she style an outfit

Like you, I read blogs now in place of books. While my curious and voyeuse side is also satiated by this heinous addiction, I actually believe that looking at/reading blogs in fact makes me more stupid (unlike a book). I mean, several of the people (namely ladies) in charge of these blogs claim to be "writers". Ahem, a writer who makes three typos or English errors per post, no matter the length? This drives me absolutely insane. They all claim to work so hard at their jobs, too. I say, if you need to work that hard to collect a photo or two three times per week, and add a misspelled comment, caption, or title, then I wonder why the hell I bothered for a Bachelor's degree at all.
On another note, I have had an obsession with the Jewish culture for a decade and a half, so my strange fascination with Mormons as fashion icons comes as no surprise to me.

jess said...

Thanks for the suggestions, Ladies. I've got some new blogs to look up!

VLS - interesting that you think reading blogs makes you stupider (Ha! Joking.). I see what you mean about typos, but it doesn't bother me that much. Please feel at liberty to correct my "writing" at any point.

I do feel that once you fall into bloglandia you immediately start spinning in circles. One blog references another, which leads to another, and another and pretty soon you're like "I've seen the same striped J. Crew shirt in five posts today."

VLS said...

Jess, you don't make typos. And you make a beautiful blog as a fancy hobby. You, my friend, are the bomb tigggity.

Rachel Posey Austin said...

I am dying over your shoes.