Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thirty before 30

A little less than a year ago I created a list of thirty things I want to do before I turn 30. With three months remaining before my 30th birthday (impossible!), it's time for me to get moving. Below is the list:

  1. Make paella
  2.  Take Sonia to the ballet
  3. Ask for a promotion (and got it - yay!)
  4. Bike the Grand Rounds  
  5. Have a baby
  6. Spend a weekend in Chicago
  7.  Create a photography website
  8. Top Secret
  9. Sew a dress for Sonia
  10.  Learn to knit
  11. Join a book club
  12. Bake bread from scratch
  13.  Back-up photos
  14. Practice yoga
  15. Display patience
  16. Work out regularly
  17. Thrift more
  18. Organize the store room
  19.  Pay off credit card
  20. Plant flowers
  21. Buy red lipstick
  22. Visit the Weisman Art Museum
  23. Take a family picnic
  24. Buy new glasses
  25. Wallpaper
  26. Watch more movies
  27.  Buy a dining table
  28. Get mixer fixed
  29. Visit a dermatologist 
  30. Go gluten-free

1 comment:

VLS said...

From what I know about you recently, it looks like you're able to cross off some more of the things on this list!