Sunday, June 12, 2011

ten-year plan

Ten years ago, Sanjee and I met and fell in love on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. It was the fall of 2000. We were young, naïve and freshly emerged from our childhoods. I was returning from a year spent in Spain. Sanjee was taking a year off from Princeton. We didn’t intentionally fall in love, at least he didn’t, but almost immediately we spoke of a future, our future. I was 19, he was 20.

On the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, on a bench at the Roosevelt Monument, walking through the neighborhoods of Washington DC, we spoke of finishing school, getting married, going to law school, having children. We talked about places we wanted to travel to, cities we wanted to live in and the people we wanted to become. We drafted a ten-year plan – outlining just what we needed to do to get where we wanted to be. As the years passed, we checked-off our accomplishments, periodically adjusting our plan, focused on our goal. Graduate college – check. Get a job – check. Have a baby – check. Go to law school – check. Have a second baby – check.

Ten years later and we’ve reached the end of our ten-year plan. We’re here. We have everything and have done everything that we intended to do to date. Today, as we walked through Minneapolis with our almost four year-old in the stroller and our newborn on my chest, we talked about the next ten years. What will it entail? Who will we become? Where will we travel, and where will we live? When will the next child join us?

We’re drafting a new plan now, mainly in ink, with a few lines penciled in. The next ten years feel broader, with greater potential for variation. We are more settled and centered, having built our foundation. The last ten years have been about getting us to where we are today. And here we are.


Kelly Henry said...

Congrats W's! Definitely teared up reading that. Very excited to see what your next 10-year plan brings you! A little scary how fast 10 years went by and to think that Soso will be 14!

Dana said...

Me too definitely teared up reading that. Where does the time go? Kudos to you for achieving all that you have so far. The sky's the limit for you!

Kara said...

So sweet! Congrats on everything you've accomplished together in 10 years. I remember hearing about some guy in your Spanish (?) class freshman year... :)

Also this made me feel very behind in life. Hahaha.

Miss you guys!