Thursday, June 9, 2011


After a string of sleepless nights, I took Mila to the chiropractor yesterday for some craniosacral therapy. My wonderful chiropractor ran her voodoo allergy tests and found Mila to be sensitive to gluten, corn and sugar. In the interest of sleeping in increments longer than 45 minutes I'm going gluten-corn-sugar-free, so help me god!

Earlier this week I declared 2011 the summer of baguette sandwiches and legume salads after a particularly wonderful artichoke and brie sandwich made by my fabulous husband. The memory of that sandwich will have to suffice. I now declare this the summer of legume salads-only.

I've been meaning to go gluten-free for the past two or three years, so now I have a wonderful excuse to actually follow through on it. And, it should accelerate the process to lose the remaining 25 baby el-bees.

I'll post our successful gluten-free meals when I think of it. First up - shredded pork tacos (minus the tortillas), lime and cilantro rice and black beans, avocado, and tomatillo salsa.

::I may be gluten sensitive, but I'm plenty cute...::

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