Friday, June 3, 2011

month one

Mila Adela, 

One month ago you entered our lives on a Tuesday morning in a storm of energy. Since then, you've done little more than eat, poop and sleep. You spend your days wrapped closely to my chest while I go about my day, chasing after your sister. You spend your nights wrapped tightly in the crook of my arm. You squawk when you are hungry, tired, or soiled and once you are tended to you are back to quiet, one eye periodically opening to make sure you are still being held.  

It is impossible not to compare you to your sister and so far you are completely different. She was loud and feisty from day one. You are calm and sweet. We can take you in the car. We can take you out to restaurants and parties and as long as you are kept close you are content. When we've missed your cue for sleep and keep you awake, you very quickly turn angry. This is when we get a little glimpse into the fury that will certainly develop with time. You're going to need some fury if you are going to keep up with your sister. 

You've gained over two pounds in the past two weeks, weighing in over nine pounds, and your legs are showing the first signs of rolls. You have outgrown most of your newborn clothes and diapers. Your lush, dark hair has slowly receded over the course of the last week, leaving a few awkward strands on top. But you are still cute, and not just in my eyes. 

Welcome to our lives, Mila, we can't wait to get to know you better. 


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