Monday, June 21, 2010

I may have mentioned....this is the baby book

Sometimes when I think of all the funny things that Sonia does and says it makes me sad to think how much I've already probably forgotten. Just so I never forget...a few classic Sonia stories:

#1. Way back in spring (March or so) we took Sonia to see Fantastic Mr. Fox. We're an hour into the movie, when completely out of the blue Sonia shouts "We love Obama!"

#2. We get on the elevator one winter evening and Sonia is wearing sunglasses. There is a middle aged man on the elevator who doesn't acknowledge her. Sonia stands facing him, staring quietly. Finally, she very slowly lowers her sunglasses, and in a sultry voice, says "peekaboo."

#3. Sonia refers to anyone who lives in our building as her "neighborhood," as in, "Look! It's our neighborhood - Mr. Olson!"

#4. Nothing = Nuffin'

#5. Evidence we're raising a future lawyer...I overheard Sanj say to Sonia "If you can't stay away from the grill you're going to get a time-out." Sonia's response: "OK...Let's make a deal..."

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