Tuesday, June 3, 2008

month ten


Today you are ten months old. You are so much fun! You literally change every single day. You are starting to talk - you say "dada," "hi" and your newest trick - saying "tick tock," while you sway back and forth like a clock. You can stand for long periods of time, but you have yet to take an independent step. Last week you wanted to be put down while we were at the grocery store, so I put you on your feet and you held on to the metal bar on the cart and you pushed it down the aisle.

You started school this week and you are doing so well. I take you to school on the train in the morning and you look at all of the people, smile, say hi and wave. When we get to school you act so shy. Your teachers begins to feed you as I leave, and you look so tiny, and at the same time, you look like a teenager. Your teacher wrote this note about your day - "Today Sonia hung backwards over the edge of the ball nest as she looked through a book. She bounced her back up & down on the edge while she flipped through the pages." I wish I could have seen you! You love books. Your favorite place to play is in your bedroom in your basket full of books. You love to pull all of the books from the basket and look at the covers, periodically stopping to take a look at the pictures.

You have six teeth now - two on the bottom and four on top. You cried in pain at night while the top teeth were breaking through, and then one night, completely randomly, you slept through the night. And then you did it again. And then you didn't. But then you did again. We love when you sleep. I love to wake in the morning and realize that you are still in your crib. In the mornings, you often play alone in your bed. We'll hear you chattering away, saying "tick tock" and playing with your stuffed animals. And when we go in to get you, you smile wide and say "hi."

You love to eat. Your favorite food is cheese. Your love for cheese leaves no doubt that you are my daughter after all. You favorite meal is cheese and cherries - how sophisticated your tastes have become! You drink water from a sippy cup. You grab the handles of the cup, tip your head back and gulp the water down.

You love to be outside. Your teachers said that you are most content during the day when you are outside. We've started feeding you dinner on the patio so you can watch the world pass by outside. You love to watch people walk by and you especially love when the dogs are out walking. You notice details - like birds, and helicopters - things that just weeks ago would have passed unnoticed.

Happy ten months, my dear. They have been the best ten months I could have every asked for.


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