Sunday, February 3, 2008

month six


You have had quite a month. You have two teeth now. You crawl. You run full speed in your walker and crash into everything in your path. You nap regularly. You don't cry in the car and instead play with your toys, chatting away at them. You have a loud belly laugh. You love to play peekaboo. You play by yourself for long stretches of time. You love to wander around and examine things - your favorite being the dishwasher and the front hall closet. You eat avocado, banana, dried papaya and apple. You do things to make us laugh. You love to read. You love to listen to music. You convince people your cough is real. You love to sit on your papa's shoulders and rub your nose in his hair. You love to take a bath. You love when we tell you how stinky your toes are. You are always barefoot and drooling. When we take you to your class, or reading hour at the library, you spend most of the time ignoring the other babies and staring at the adults. You are one of a kind, Sonia Paz. One of a kind.


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