Tuesday, December 4, 2007

OMG we moved

So...moving is tough. Try it with a four-month-old. That is no easy task. But alas, we made it. We are in. Thanks to Sanjee's hard work, most of the boxes are even unpacked. We'll wait until it's a little more "done" to post pictures of the fantastic place, but, it's, well...fantastic.

So...let's catch up a bit.

While we were moving on Thursday, Sonia spent the day with her Grandma, Mumsie. Mums took these pictures of the day.

::Reading to her Auntie Tati::

On Saturday, Sonia experienced her first snowstorm. We got about 5 inches. Sonia was totally in to it, as you can see.

She completed her first trimester of ECFE. Here she is with her friends. Her hand is resting on her best friend, Amaya.

Today, sitting in her chair, looking out the window. She looks to me like a rebellious teenager in this photo.

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