Monday, December 3, 2007

Month four


I'm sure I will say this a million times throughout your life, but this is my favorite age. You are four months old today. You play, you sing, you tell stories. You roll around, chew on your feet, slobber all over and smile these huge smiles. You love to stand on your feet and pretend to walk. You love Sophie the giraffe. You love when we sing "The Wheels on the Bus." You have the silliest hair and the stinkiest feet.

One morning you woke up next to me in bed and I pretended that I was still asleep. I was secretly watching you as you inched your body closer and closer to mine until your nose was pressed against my face. You were cooing and smiling. What a wonderful way to wake up! What a clever little baby.

You are the most curious baby I have ever met. You watch everything with such intensity. I look at you and see the wheel in your brain spinning. You are really trying to figure out the complicated world around you.

We moved this week. While I was so ready to move into a new place with so much more space, I was a little sad to think we were leaving the place in which we brought you home from the hospital. I was sad to take down your favorite ornament that hung above your changing table. But our home now - you will remember this place. It will be filled of your many firsts.


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