Saturday, November 3, 2007

month three


You are three months old today. This has been the month in which you have completely changed from a newborn to an infant. I was looking at photos of you from your first weeks and I can barely recognize that scrawny little person you were. You are so much stronger now – so much bigger and full of life. You roll around, grab at toys, and smile. Your smiles are so vibrant. While you haven’t yet learned to giggle, you have, in the past few weeks, started smiling at us when we do something silly. We make funny faces at you or tickle you, and a large, lopsided smile will appear on your face. You are so much more responsive than you were just a few weeks ago.

You have also become mellower in the past month. You are able to entertain yourself for longer periods of time and are willing to just hang out a bit more without being fed/bounced/rocked/soothed. You coo and sing. You have a very high-pitched, shrill voice – you sound like such a little girl when you talk.

You love when we hold your hands and help you “walk” around. You look so pleased with yourself. You can hold yourself up against the coffee table and the edge of the bathtub. We also watched as you nearly worked your way out of the Bumbo seat the other day. You are strong and wiry and determined enough to get yourself out of any contraption.

You have begun teething this month. We rarely see you without your fist in your mouth. You are constantly gnawing on your fingers, with drool dripping down your hand. I suspect that we have some time before your teeth actually appear, but the process has certainly begun. When you were a newborn you used to suck vigorously when we put our finger in your mouth, but now you bite down on our finger, moving it from one side to the other, chewing as hard as you can.

Since we have had such a beautiful fall, we spend much of the day outdoors, walking around the neighborhood. In the evenings after Dad comes home from work we go for a walk as a family. You love to sit in your stroller and look around. Sometimes we will be walking and not hear a peep from you. At times you have fallen asleep all wrapped up and other times you are just looking around peacefully.

Right now you are sitting in your dad’s lap watching soccer and cooing. You love spending time with your dad. As soon as you see him you get a big smile on your face. When daddy is home, you are in his arms. Watching the two of you together fills me with such joy. You are such a gift.

Happy three-month birthday, baby girl.


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Tiffany said...

Beautiful, Sonia. You are so loved. Happy three months!