Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tuesday night with friends

Last night our good friends Vanessa and Luc, Berit and Kennedy joined us for dinner. Vanessa and Luc came all the way from Paris for dinner, which was very generous of them.

Sonia woke a few hours into the night. She certainly didn't want to miss out on a party.

A few classic quotes from the night (because who doesn't like quotes?!):

"My parents tried to uninvite me to the party!" Vanessa, as Sonia
"Do you think she's so advanced because she knows how cute she is?" Kennedy, in total seriousness
"You have building on your face. It was Target. Target on your face." Luc to Sanjee (and Sanjee did, indeed, have a building on his face. Vanessa, please send the photo so that we can post it!)

1 comment:

Berit said...

yep. definitely the best tuesday night ever.