Tuesday, October 23, 2007

cloth diapers are for lovers

Last week we ran out of detergent to wash Sonia's cloth diapers for a few days and she was wearing plain old, drab disposables. After laundering her diapers one evening, I hung them on the drying rack by the window so they could dry by natural light. The next morning I was holding Sonia by the front window when I watched her eyes spot the colorful diapers hanging. In slow motion Sonia looked at the diapers, looked right up at me and gave me the biggest, brightest smile. Who can blame her?!

::looking a bit self-conscious::

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Vanessa said...

Hey girl, I am obsessed with cloth diapers (strange, aye?) and have been researching different brands. What kind did/does Miss Soso wear? I would love all the details, pretty please!