Thursday, October 4, 2007

Pink Petals

As I haven't been able to get Sonia to perform her rolling trick on camera, I bring to you another developmental milestone - attack of Pink Petals. She begins her attack by smiling and cooing at her enemy. She soon realizes that in order to conquer, she must get serious. She begins to grunt. Her hands begin to stir and soon her enemy, that very innocent looking dragonfly, begins flipping through the air, tied closely to it's attacker. Sonia is triumphant. Hand-eye coordination be damned.

::a left hook so swift it can't be caught on film::

A little story about Pink Petals. When Sonia was but a mere 16 days old we decided that she needed a little chair of her own - somewhere to sit and rest her tired dogs after a long day; a place in which she could find solace. So grandma and I took Sonia to Babies-R-Hell and let her loose in the bouncy chair aisle. She tested them all out. I, naturally, tried to stir her toward the gender neutral animal-themed bouncy, but she made it very clear that it was Pink Petals or bust. And, because I respect her opinion, we brought Pink Petals home that very day. Up until this past week or so we kept P.P. covered in the very natural, gender neutral sheepskin rug that you see in many of Sonia's photo shoots (PETA be damned), but this week, P.P. has been uncovered. And Sonia is after her with a vengeance.

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