Thursday, September 20, 2007


We try to document all of Sonia's "firsts" in her baby journal. Well, scratch that, we blog about them on her virtual baby journal - right here on kimonobaby - since I haven't quit started her baby journal yet. So far it has one page filled out - her name. But darn if it isn't a nice looking name!

So in keeping with the spirit and authenticity of this blog, it's only fair that we share all of her firsts - her first walk, her first smile, her first bottle, etcetera. Last night we had another first. No, she did not sleep through the night (although she did have a nice five hour stretch). No, tonight was the first time that she woke up on the cold, unforgiving, concrete floor of our apartment. Yes, you heard me. She woke up with her *face* on the concrete floor. And she wasn't even crying. We put her to sleep in her bouncy chair last night since that is where she sleeps the best (probably because she can see what's going on - god forbid she miss out on something fun!), and somewhere between 3:30 and 5 a.m she jiggled her way down and off the chair. Luckily, she brought her thick and cushy lambskin rug with her all the way down, creating a comfortable slide. And she never cried. I woke up to some grunting sounds. She didn't seem too concerned with being on the floor. And it gets worse. How can it get worse, you ask? Well, my first instinct was not to pick her up, but to take a picture of it. You know, to post on the blog. I didn't. I picked her up.

Mental note. Time to strap baby in.

::proof that she is, indeed, okay.::

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