Saturday, June 23, 2007

in the beginning...

It all started with a boy and a girl. They met in the nation’s capital and quickly feel in love on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Six apartments, two college degrees, one beautiful wedding ceremony, and a honeymoon to Portugal Cabo San Lucas later, they are anticipating their first little hen.

The Mr. started to suspect that there was soon to be a big change coming when the wifey started craving rice, edamame and soy sauce. A week and five pregnancy tests later it was confirmed. There was a hiccup along the way, which led to a few weeks of heartache, but on January 11, 2007 we looked on a screen in a very uncomfortable doctor’s office and saw a 13 week old baby (embryo?) dancing around. The “baby” looked like Skeletor—big head and huge alien eyes—but to us it was the cutest Skeletor around.

Currently at T-minus five weeks, we are ready to meet this little person. We have a car seat. We have a dresser full of cloth diapers, baby leg warmers, and t-shirts so small they look like they’re pretend. We even have a little bassinet where the baby can lay when not attached to us.

The baby appears to be smarter than average. S/he has great coordination (dancer) and strong legs (futbolista), sleeps through the night, knows how to count (based on Sanjee’s non-scientific experimentation), and is the cause of very little discomfort. We think we’ll all get along quite well.

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